Miami Heat Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-19,500,000 Good Contracts: Justice Winslow $3,500,000 Josh Richardson $9,000,000   Bad Contracts: Hassan Whiteside $25,500,000 Tyler Johnson $19,000,000 Biggest Need: Point Guard Depth Key Free Agents: Dwayne Wade Wayne Ellington Best Free Agent Target: Elfrid Payton   Overview: Are the Heat in the dreaded "NBA purgatory"? They made the playoffs this year,… Continue reading Miami Heat Free Agency Preview


NBA Redraft 2014

Cleveland - Joel Embiid (Andrew Wiggins) Get a franchise perennial all star to pair with Kyrie. The question with this pick would be, do they trade it to Minnesota for Love like they did before with Lebron coming back? Embiid didn’t play his first couple of years, which would have been the time that Cleveland… Continue reading NBA Redraft 2014

2013 NBA Redraft

2013 NBA REDRAFT!! Hello and welcome to the second part of our ongoing series, NBA redraft. This is the piece that goes along with our draft podcast and outlines how the NBA would draft in 2013 with all the knowledge they have now. So let's get started!   Cleveland - Giannis Antetokounmpo (Anthony Bennett) Replacing… Continue reading 2013 NBA Redraft