Season Preview: Dallas Mavericks

Who’s new :

Devin Harris, Deandre Jordan, Luka Doncic, Jalen Brunson


Who’s gone:

Seth Curry, Yogi Ferrell ,Doug McDermott


What they did last year:

The Mavericks went 24-58 and got a top five pick in the draft. The started off the year with playoff aspirations, but quickly went into tank mode when they saw they had no chance after some injuries to key players. Dirk got another year older, Smith Jr had a solid rookie campaign, and Nerlens Noel ate a hot dog.


Vegas Over/Under 34.5

I think that they are going to have trouble hitting this number. A ten win improvement is asking a lot, even with their offseason additions. Luka Doncic played basketball overseas, and it may take him some time to understand the NBA game. Dennis Smith Jr had a great rookie season, but he still struggles on defense and with his efficiency. Dirk is ancient and can’t  be counted on like he could in years past, and they lost a solid backup pg in Yogi Ferrell. The West is only getting stronger, with LeBron playing for the Lakers, easy wins in this conference are not going to be easy to come by.  This team has a great future, and two young perimeters with potential to be all stars. But it may be awhile before this team clicks and ends it’s rebuild. They did add Deandre Jordan to the fold, but he is a center who relies on athleticism and is aging. I would project them to be at 32 wins this season and miss the playoffs once more.


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