Golden State Warriors Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-2,636,406

Good Contracts:

Klay Thompson- $18.9 Million through 2019

Draymond Green- $36 Million through 2020

Bad Contracts:

Andre Iguodala- $33.1 Million through 2020

Shaun Livingston- $16 Million through 2020

Biggest Need:


Key Free Agents:

Kevin Durant

Kevon Looney

Best Free Agent Target:

Kevin Durant


There is not much that needs to be said about the Golden State Warriors that hasn’t already been said. They are a dominate force in the NBA and there isn’t a reason why that will stop anytime soon. Their big four combination of Steph, Klay, Dray and KD is among the best groups in NBA history and is something that won’t ever be replicated. But, the length of their union seems to be in question. Kevin Durant is a free agent this offseason but almost all indications point to him returning. The rest of their roster, though, is in question. With their roster construction, the Warriors have to have some mix of veteran minimum guys on their bench every year. It is important that they get the right guys for both on and off the court fit. Bob Myers and crew have shown that they have the ability to make the right call in this regards so I have faith that the Warriors will be good again in 2019. And 2020. And 2021.


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