Oklahoma City Thunder Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-15,500,000

Good Contracts:

Andre Roberson $10,000,000 (2 years)

Bad Contracts:

Carmelo Anthony $28,000,000 (1 year)

Biggest Need:

Bench Depth

Key Free Agents:

Paul George

Jerami Grant


Best Free Agent Target:

Paul George


With Paul George opting of his contract, OKC is in a rather dire spot. Carmelo picked up his option this year, and that leaves OKC over the cap and if they want to resign PG, they are going to have to go deep into the luxury tax. But even worse for them, PG can now just leave without going into a sign and trade situation. This team has Westbrook and Steven Adams locked up for a long time, but outside of those players this roster is very thin. Roberson will help that when he comes back from his injury this year. But this team still needs some help at the wing and a solid backup center. Grant is a free agent as well, and he could cost too much for the Thunder to keep him. The best case scenario for this team is to bring back their current roster, with some veteran minimum contracts, and try to hope one of their young guys breakout. But that is not a great plan. This team looks like it might have peaked, and even if PG does come back, this team is looking at another first or second round exit of the playoffs Overall this team is going too be ok no matter what as long as Westbrook is around, but the long-view of trying to win a championship with this core is rather bleak.


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