San Antonio Spurs Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $671,231

Good Contracts:

Dejounte Murray- $3.8 Million through 2020

Bad Contracts:

Pau Gasol- $32 Million through 2020

Patty Mills- $37.2 Million through 2021

Biggest Need:

Wing Depth

Key Free Agents:

Tony Parker

Kyle Anderson

Best Free Agent Target:

Kyle Anderson


Despite being one of the most successful franchises in recent NBA history, the San Antonio Spurs were subject to turmoil in 2018. With Kawhi having one foot out the door and a lot of other large contracts on the books, San Antonio doesn’t have a lot of free agency options this offseason. They are at an odd crossroads between being a top-tier playoff squad and a retooling team so it’s uncertain whether they will spend more money on veteran players or look to go young. The Kawhi situation makes things more complicated as his desire to move puts the Spurs in a sticky spot. They could get a bounty of draft picks and players for him and would get some cap relief; but it would set their team back contention-wise. If the Spurs pull an un-Kyrie and force him to stay, they may take what little cap space they have left and go older bench players to keep them competitive. Either way the Spurs have a lot of decisions to make and it will be interesting how they decide to go. Personally, I would move Kawhi and would use the remaining cap space to sign a couple of young guys to help retool the Spurs for future playoff runs. Whether San Antonio ships out Kawhi or not, look for them to bring back Kyle Anderson who played well stepping in for their M.I.A star.



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