Orlando Magic Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $10,000,000

Good Contracts: 

Jonathon Isaac $5,000,000

Bad Contracts:

Bismack Biyombo $17,000,000

Evan Fournier $17,000,000


Biggest Need:

Point Guard

Key Free Agents:

Aaron Gordon(Restricted)


Best Free Agent Target:

Fred VanFleet


This team has a lot of length and size and the 3-5 and is set up pretty well there for the next decade. Fournier is locked in for the next couple years and he is a reliable option for them and he can stretch the floor and playmake a little bit. So the two-guard is setup just fine. This team just needs a PG that is better than D.J. Augistine. That should not be that hard. This team might be able to use a little cap space depending on what they do, and there are some really solid shooting PG’s out on the market this year. VanFleet I think is the best fit, and might be the most talented out of the crop of those guys. He is also still young and can fit in with the long term planning of this franchise. He also provides the spacing and playmaking this team desperately needs. They could also take a flier on other guys at this position. Dante Exum could be a guy who would fit in with their tall ball lineup, and could be a reasonable price depending on what the Jazz do. They could also try for someone like Tim Frazier or Jameer Nelson, if they do not want to take a chance on a younger guy. Overall, this team is still rebuilding and might need a couple more years to get playoff ready. They only have one piece missing in their starting lineup, but could really use some top tier talent moving forward. They have solid roational players across their roster, but they could all use to be slid down a spot to play less minutes for more talented players. This team should continue building through the draft, and Mo Bamba fits that perfectly. They could also look to move some of their solid players to contenders, but salary problems may arise from those kinds of moves.


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