Mock Draft: Final Edition

  1. The Phoenix Suns select

DeAndre Ayton- Arizona

This is locked in. The athletic big man has questions on defense, but looks to be 20 and 10 guy out the gate.


2. The Sacramento Kings select

Marvin Bagley- Duke

The Kings are trying to fix their culture, and grabbing a guy who wants to play for them is important to the organization. Plus getting a big man who can score twenty a game helps a young team on the rise.


3. The Atlanta Hawks select

Jaren Jackson- Michigan State

They get their second piece of their frontcourt for the next decade next to John Collins. Jackson can space the floor and switch on defense, perfect for the modern game.


4. The Memphis Grizzlies select

Luka Doncic- Slovenia

The Grizzlies get a piece that fits right next to their two best players, and is possibly the best player in this draft. Doncic can do it all on offense, but is he athletic enough to stay on the court?


5. The Dallas Mavericks select

Mo Bamba- Texas

Bamba pairs perfectly with Smith’s pick and roll game, and the upside is immense with his game. His wingspan is crazy long, and he can be a force on defense to start.


6. The Orlando Magic select

Trae Young- Oklahoma

The Magic need shooting and a PG. They address both issues with this pick. Young may take a couple years to figure it out, but he is a top prospect that should not fall further than here.


7. The Chicago Bulls select

Michael Porter- Missouri

The Bulls can afford to take a swing here, after failing to land in the top 5. Porter has injury issues, but has one of the highest upsides in this draft. He can score from every level and has great size for his position.


8. The Cleveland Cavaliers select

Wendell Carter- Duke

The Cavs get a switchy, floor spacing big who can pass, and he plays solid defense. He fills a need whether Lebron stays or goes.


9. The New York Knicks select

Mikal Bridges- Villanova

The Knicks get a wing they really need, and he slides in perfectly for a team with playoff aspirations within the next couple of years. Bridges is considered a safe but not a high upside player. The Knicks have their star, they just need pieces around him.


10. The Philadelphia 76’s select

Kevin Knox- Kentucky

Brett Brown has fallen in love, and no team has enough versatile wings. Knox is raw but has crazy high upside. He can sit on the bench and develop without any pressure to be good right away in Philly.


11. The Charlotte Hornets select

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander- Kentucky

The Hornets need a PG whether Kemba stays or goes, and Shai is a great fit. He is a decent shooter, and has great size at his position. He needs to become better at the little things, but he could help right away.


12. The Los Angeles Clippers select

Collin Sexton- Alabama

The Clippers grab the best player on the board here, and Sexton is a dog who should be able to play with great energy and intensity right away.


13. The Los Angeles Clippers select

Robert Williams- Texas A&M

With questions at Center with impending free agents, it makes sense to get a young big man with upside. Williams has the upside to be a shot blocking, rim rolling big, and he can slide in as a backup to start.


14. The Denver Nuggets select

Miles Bridges- Michigan State

Bridges falls to the Nuggets at the end of the lottery. He fills a need at the three where the Nuggets need more depth. He can shoot the three, provides excellent athleticism, and can play solid defense. Every team needs players like him.


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