New York Knicks Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-500,000

Good Contracts:

Kristaps Porzingis $5,500,000


Bad Contracts:

Enes Kanter $18,500,000

Joakim Noah $18,500,000

Tim Hardaway Jr $17,500,000

Courtney Lee $12,000,000

Biggest Need:

Everything except PF

Key Free Agents:

Micheal Beasley

Jarrett Jack

Best Free Agent Target:

The best player available for the mid level exception


The Knicks are in a really awkward position. They did not make the playoffs, they do not have any cap room, and they did not get a top 5 pick. What do they do? Other than panic and pray? Well there is a couple of things. They do have their pick in tomorrow’s draft, and they can use that to fill a need. They could go in several directions, with PGs, Cs, and wings are projected to go around their spot in the draft. Whatever they do not address in the draft, they will try to patch up in free agency and trades. They have Frank Ntilikina who can play the 1 and the 2, so that does help. Kristaps fills a need at power forward, and Kanter has a player option that he will almost certainly pick up. So that leaves them really needing a shooting 3, which they had on the roster and traded at the deadline. McDermott was traded to the Mavs in return to Emmanuel Mudiay, who is not very good, but he does play PG and that’s good I guess. Trey Burke gave them some solid minutes last year, but I see him as more of a third guard in the rotation. Courtney Lee is ok. Not a great option but is solid. That is the good thing about this team. There are no glaring holes, so whoever the best players are that are available, the Knicks can go after. They need young talent to surround Kristaps with and any talent they can get will help. It is just hard to build a team when you have 40% of your cap devoted to centers who are either just OK, or terrible. This team is one that could use to dump salary, and maybe that is something they could look to do with some expiring money on the books.


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