Rob’s Big Board Of Prospects

Every NBA site needs a good draft expert. And I’m the best we have, so I have spent the last month trying to find out everything I can on these top NBA players. I’ve listened to experts, watched tape, and scoured the internet for information.


  1. Luka Doncic – Slovenia

Things I like- He has great vision and is really big for a guard. He can finish around the hoop, create shots for himself, post up smaller guards, and run a pick and roll. He ran an offense through him, showing he can be a lead play maker already. Won at high levels, and has shown improvement the last couple of years consistently. Great floater game.

Things I don’t like- Gets blown by when he is on smaller defenders. Sometimes struggles to create space against bigger defenders. Does not have elite athleticism.


2. Jaren Jackson Jr – Michigan State

Things I like- His shot blocking was elite, and he has shown he can hit the NBA three. Can also switch onto smaller defenders, and roll to the rim. No real holes defensively. Showed he can still be effective with another big on the court. Footwork is good on pick and pops, has a good feel for that.

Things I don’t like- Raw in a lot ways offensively. His shot creation is non-existent. Low release on the jumper. No real post up moves. Has trouble seeing the right pass. Might get bullied by stronger NBA centers.


3. Trae Young – Oklahoma

Things I like- He is the best shooter in the draft. He can run a great pick and roll, and has awesome passing vision. Out on the break, he always makes the right play. Hit tough shots more efficiently than one would think when watching the looks he got. Coming off screens he has great footwork. Good feel for the game in general. Got some good steals.

Things I don’t like- Really small, needs to add muscle. He can be slow footed on defense. Took really bad shots. Some head scratching turnovers.


4. DeAndre Ayton – Arizona

Things I like- This boy is huge. Wingspan is off the charts. Good hands. Out of the pick and roll, can pop or roll to the hoop. Good feel for passing out of the post. Can grab the lob and gather if the pass is off and still go up quickly with it. Quick feet, shown flashes of being able to switch onto small guys on defense on the perimeter. Might be able to hit the NBA three right away. Great rebounder.

Things I don’t like- Looks lost on offense and defense sometimes. Not a great feel for the game. Looks to be reacting instead of reading the floor on defense. Bad turnovers. Raw post up game. Let guards blow by him at times. No shot blocking at all.


5. Miles Bridges – Michigan State

Things I like- Able to spot of from three with great footwork coming off of screens. High level athlete, can grab lobs and attack close outs. Showed decent vision, hit screeners down low for easy baskets. High intensity on defense, showed he could get into guys and had a good stance.

Things I don’t like- Short wingspan. He might have trouble contesting shots on larger players. Not as large as I would like for his play style, might be stuck at the SG which would not work nearly as well. Had bad turnovers. Ball handling needs major work.


6. Mikal Bridges – Villanova

Things I like- Can hit the open spot up three really well. Has good size and length at the perimeter. Could be a plus defender right away.

Things I don’t like- Does not make players around him better. No versatility on the jump shot, cannot create his own shot well. Could use to rebound more.


7. Mohamed Bamba – Texas

Things I like- Has shown flashes of defensive switching. Projects to be able to hit the NBA three eventually. Long wingspan and quick twitch athlete. Could be an elite shot blocker. Got some great rebounds.

Things I don’t like- Raw both on offense and defense. Got lost on both sides of the ball. Missed blocks and let guards go by him. Let himself get bullied under the basket too much, needs to get stronger. Had trouble handling lobs, and post up game is not here at this time.


8. Wendell Carter – Duke

Things I like- Did not block shots, but was still a great deterrent at the hoop. Great passing out of the post and at the perimeter. Showed shooting ability. Good motor. Rebounded well both offensively and defensively. Good hands.

Things I don’t like- Not an elite athlete. Post up game could still use some work. Not a shot blocker at all. Rim rolling ability is questionable.


9. Micheal Porter – Missouri

Things I like- Can create shots for himself at any time. Good shooting touch, could project to hit the three right away. Good size and length for the forward position. Good athlete, can get to hoop when he wants to.

Things I don’t like- No defensive effort. Did not go hard after rebounds. Misses open passes. Ball hogs and guns at times. The back injury is a major concern.


10.  Collin Sexton – Alabama

Things I like- Hard-nosed defensively. I think he can be a top defender at the next level. Showed flashes of play-making off the dribble. Can drive to the hoop and finish around the rim.

Things I don’t like- Ball Handling and passing need work. Shot is not quite there yet. Vision is questionable.


11. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Things I like- Good length and size for a PG. Got people involved, seemed to have a good feel for the game. Finished around the rim well. Good defender even though he was carrying a larger load offensively. Good speed for his size.

Things I don’t like- Needs to improve his shooting greatly. Needs to get stronger. Needs to evolve as a play-maker and shooting off the dribble.


12. Kevin Knox – Kentucky

Things I like- Good athlete, showed he can be a defensive force. Good shooter, showed good footwork coming off of screens. Good length and size at his position. Young and showed improvement. Flashes of being a great three point shooter.

Things I don’t like- Needs to get stronger. Did not make players around him better at all. If he is not scoring, could be really bad on the court at times.


13. Marvin Bagley – Duke

Things I like- High level athlete. Showed flashes of outside shooting. Great ball handling at his size. Face up game is not terrible.

Things I don’t like- No defensive effort. Short arms and height for a Center. No shot blocking. Got blown by on switches. Low effort at times on offense. Raw post up game. Could get posted up easily by centers at the next level. Shooting is not where it should be. Passing is questionable. Rim rolling was not a part of his game at Duke.


14. Lonnie Walker – Miami

Things I like-  Good shooter, can get to the rim as well. Decent passer. Good wingspan and a explosive athlete. Good defender and had effort. Good footwork off of screens. Solid rebounder for his position.

Things I don’t like- Injury history. He had some bad shot selections, and needs to tighten up his handle. Needs more muscle.


15. Robert Williams – Texas A&M

Things I like- Rim rolling ability is there.  Could switch onto guards at times. Good hands. Good length. Great athlete. Can block many shots.

Things I don’t like- Short for a center. Questionable jumper, and raw post up game. People have questioned his personality. Low effort at times.


16. Troy Brown – Oregon

Things I like- Good size and play making at his position. Rebounded well. Great feel for the game.

Things I don’t like- He can’t shoot. Lacks leaping ability.


17. Zhaire Smith – Texas Tech

Things I like- Amazing athlete. Great defender. Solid play making ability, and can catch a lob and finish at the rim off the dribble.

Things I don’t like- His shooting is questionable. Ball handling and shooting off the dribble needs work.


18. Elle Okbo – France

Things I like- Can hit spot up shots and can create his own look. Can finish at the hoop with his jumping ability.

Things I don’t like- Bad turnovers, needs to learn better PG skills across the board. Mediocre defense.


19. Donte DiVenczo – Villanova

Things I like- Amazing shooter at times. Good feel. Plays hard, defense is there and rebounds. Can create his own shot.

Things I don’t like- Short arms. Poor footwork off of screens. Bad turnovers.


20. Keita Bates-Diop – Ohio State

Things I like- Good height and wingspan. Could be a good shooter at the next level. Good feel. Switchable defender.

Things I don’t like- Needs to put on weight to play in the front-court. Ball handling and shot creation are not there yet. Low effort at times.


21. Grayson Allen – Duke

Things I like- Great shooting. Clutch. High intensity motor and tries hard on defense. Rebounds as well. Can drive when given a lane.

Things I don’t like- Plays bully ball too much. Can get blown by. Some bad shots. Didn’t improve over the last two years.


22. Aaron Holiday – UCLA

Things I like- Can hit the three ball. Can finish at the rim. Plays hard. Good wingspan. Good vision and feel.

Things I don’t like- Can get swallowed up by the defense. Small. Bad turnovers.


23. Chandler Hutchison – Boise State

Things I like- Good spot up shooter. Can play defense. Can throw some good passes. Can get to the rim at times. Not a bad finisher.

Things I don’t like- No shot creation at all. Bad first step. Defensive limitations on bigs and guards.


24. Moritz Wagner – Michigan.

Things I like- Improved every year. Good rebounder, and showed outside shooting, also not a bad defender. Solid finisher. Not a bad passer.

Things I don’t like- Gets blown by on defense. No shot blocking. No shot creation.


25. Jerome Robinson – Boston College

Things I like- Scoring ability and solid passer. Solid defender.

Things I don’t like- Play-making needs work and bad shots.


26. Jacob Evans – Cincinnati

Things I like- Three and D potential. Good feel.

Things I don’t like- Not a great athlete. No play-making. No shot creation.


27. Khyri Thomas – Creighton

Things I like- Great defender. Can hit spot up threes.

Things I don’t like-No shot creation. Bad feel.


28. Mitchell Robinson – None

Things I like- Good athlete.

Things I don’t like- I don’t know his skill level. Does anyone?


29.  Jalen Brunson – Villanova

Things I like- Solid all around PG

Things I don’t like- Not a great athlete.


30. Kevin Huerter – Maryland

Things I like- Three and D potential. Not bad at shot creation.

Things I don’t like- Needs to become a better all around athlete. Not a great defender, and not a great feel for the game.


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