Milwaukee Bucks Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-2,500,000


Good Contracts:

Giannis Anteokounmpo $24,000,000

Kris Middleton $13,000,000

Bad Contracts:

John Henson $9,500,00

Mathew Delladova $9,500,000



Biggest Need:



Key Free Agents:

Jabari Parker (Restricted)



Best Free Agent Target:

Avery Bradley



The Greek Freak a top ten basketball player in the NBA. But he still needs some help. This team was able to limp into the playoffs and give the Celtics a great first round, but it felt like this team fell short of expectations. Jabari Parker was the second overall pick just four years ago, and he is entering restricted free agency. Him and Giannis were supposed to be the core of this team, but the repeated knee injuries to Parker have taken their toll. There are large portions of people that believe that the Bucks are ready to move on from him. Several teams could use a starting caliber power forward that can hit shots. The question with that is how much they are going to offer him in restricted free agency. Rumors are that some teams view him as a max player, and if I was the Bucks, I would let him walk away from the team for that much money. Entering free agency, like most teams, they could use defense and three point shooting. I believe that Avery Bradley is a perfect fit for them. After coming off an injury plagued season, the Bucks could offer him the full mid level exception and a starting spot on a good team. Not many teams can offer that. They could also look at players like JJ Redick, Rodney Hood, and KCP. Tony Snell is a good player, but I like him as the first option off the bench. Middleton can play the three, and at this stage where he likes to take so many pull up twos, I believe he is a better fit there. Of course, the big men rotation is still in flux. Maker has been up and down his first two seasons, and Henson is not a full time starting level talent. If the franchise does not think that Maker is a starting option next season, there are going to be several solid centers that will be available such as Brook Lopez, and Nerlens Noel.


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