Indiana Pacers Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $8,000,000

Good Contracts:

Victor Oladipo 21,000,000

Myles Turner 3,500,000

Bad Contracts:


Biggest Need:

Shot Creation

Key Free Agents:

Thaddeus Young

Best Free Agent Target:

Isiah Thomas


The Pacers are in great shape. Their only real bad contract is Al Jefferson for 1 more year at 10 million, but that is only partially guaranteed. Thaddeus Young has a player option, but Sabonis could step in at that spot if needed. They have an all star guard in Oladipo who is locked up on a good contract for the next couple of years, and most of their players are on short term contracts. That means if they do not spend this year in free agency, they could have the ability to sign two max free agents next summer. But Olapdio still needs some help if they want to make it out of the first round. They have two solid PG’s in Joseph and Collinson, but a better player could make a difference there. Their big men rotation will be determined if Young picks up his option or not, if he doesn’t, they will need a player to at least back up Sabonis. Turner is entrenched at center so that spot is locked up as well. This team suffered when Oladipo was trapped and taken out of the game. That’s why I think they should take a chance on Isiah Thomas. He could provide the scoring punch this team desperately needs. They have the defensive personal to hide him, and he could either start or come off the bench. They could clear up a little bit of cap with some options this summer, and offer him a deal around 10 million for this season. That is a little more than the mid level and could be one of the best deals out there for him at this point, while he is still coming off of an injury plagued season. They could also looked at 3 and D wings to help out as well, but the market this year is then, and Bogdan played fine for them at that spot this past season. Overall this team is already good with most of their players locked in to long term cheap contracts, or are on short term deals, granting this team great flexibility moving forward.


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