Cleveland Cavaliers Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-38,500,000

Good Contracts:

Cedi Osman


Bad Contracts:

George Hill $19,000,000

Jordan Clarkson $12,500,000

J.R. Smith

Tristian Thompson

Biggest Need:

Shot Creation

Key Free Agents:

Lebron James

Rodney Hood(Restricted)

Jeff Green


Best Free Agent Target:

LeBron James


This team begins and ends with Lebron James. Without him, this team is honestly not very good. They have many vets who are overpaid and have not produced in several years, few young players, and no young players who can play on both ends of the court. Bargain contracts on this team are hard to find, with the young players who do not get payed very much not seeing much time on the floor, and two of their best contracts are free agents this summer. Kyle Korver is a better contract, but he is aging and may turn bad here soon. The 8th pick is coming, and that should help, but with this team being so far above the cap already, its hard to imagine them adding large piece in free agency. Their biggest and only priority should be making sure James resigns, and making any moves he says are necessary to get him to stick around. After the Kyrie Irving trade last summer, this team is lacking players who can create shots off of the dribble. This team could use more of that, and Hood could be that kind of player moving forward but we have not seen enough of him to be sure of that. I am sure some vets will be willing to sign below their market price for a chance at a championship, so getting some of those guys will help. Rodney Hood is also an interesting case. He had a great game three in the finals, but other than that he has been terrible on the Cavs. In Utah, he showed flashes of being a close to 20ppg scorer, and it only takes one team to offer him a large offer sheet in free agency to bring up his price. The Cavs will need to have a good plan on how much they are willing to pay him, and be willing to let him walk if his price is over that. Jeff Green has been a rotation player for the Cavs, and they would do well to resign him if he wants to return on around the same salary. Overall, this team is on hold until Lebron makes his Decision again, and that is terrifying for the franchise moving forward.


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