Chicago Bulls Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $41,000,000

Good Contracts:

Kris Dunn $4,000,000

Lauri Markkanen $4,000,000


Bad Contracts:

Omer Asik $11,000,000

Robin Lopez $14,000,000


Biggest Need:


Key Free Agents:

Zach Lavine


Best Free Agent Target:

Mario Hezonja


The Bulls have a ton of cap space, but around 20 million will go to Zach Lavine in restricted free agency. They have a solid starting players at the 1, the 4, and the 5. Lauri Markkanen will be the power forward of the future, and Bobby Portis is a solid backup. Kris Dunn has shown that he is a solid defender and playmaker at the PG position, so that is not a need for now. I would expect the Bulls to take a flier on a young restricted free agent that might pan out for them. Shooting is always a need, and Hezonja could provide that. He has not worked out in Orlando, but I think he deserves another shot on a different team. His option was not picked up by Orlando which makes him a free agent this summer. Another route the Bulls could go is being a dumping ground for bad contracts for more picks. They did this in the Mirotic and Asik trade earlier this season, taking a first round pick and the awful Asik contract for Mirotic. With another lottery pick coming this June and cap space in the future, they should be in no hurry to get back into contention.


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