Dallas Mavericks Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $23.8 Million

Good Contracts:

Dennis Smith Jr.- $13.9 Million until 2021

Dirk Nowitzki- $5 Million until 2019

Bad Contracts:

Harrison Barnes- $24.1 Million until 2019 with $25.1 Million Player Option in 2020

Wesley Matthews- $18.6 Million until 2019

Biggest Need:

Big Men

Key Free Agents:

Nerlens Noel

Doug McDermott

Yogi Ferrell

Seth Curry

Best Free Agent Target:

DeMarcus Cousins/Clint Capela


For Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks staff, this year might finally be the one where they reach their “free agent destination” goal. Despite being in a passionate sports city with a lot to offer prospective players, the Mavs have a reputation of missing out on big name free agents they have fancied (cough DeAndre Jordan cough). But, Dallas should have a good shot at landing a solid free agent this upcoming offseason. For one, they are going to be one of the few teams that has enough cap space to really reel someone in. They will have over $20 million available and are a top six team in space available. Dallas could have even more if they are able to move on from one of their bad contracts, like Harrison Barnes or Dwight Powell. But who will the Mavericks go after? With their opened roster it could be anyone (who will take their meeting anyway). But, the way I see it, Dallas would be best going after a star big man. The Mavs have little in terms of talent up front with only an aged Dirk Nowitzki to show. They have a top five pick in the NBA Draft that will likely be used on a big but it may still be worth while going after, especially if they could land someone along the lines of DeMarcus Cousins and Clint Capela. Both players have a long set of questions and conditions with them (Cousins coming back from his injury and his general excitability, Capela being a restricted free agent) but they could be a piece that helps accelerate the Dallas rebuild. A combination of one of those two, their top five selection and Dennis Smith Jr. would be a very solid core that could at least be super terrible in the West. Personally Capela would be the preferred option as he is younger and would lessen the power of the Houston Rockets, but I would be more than willing to welcome Cousins if they were comfortable with his Achilles situation. Either way, the Mavericks have the roster set-up and the cap space to swing big this offseason and go after a player that could be a key guy going forward. Let’s just hope Cuban doesn’t have to (ALLEGEDLY) travel around neighborhoods texting and trying to find his free agents.


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