Charlotte Hornets Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-18,000,000

Good Contracts:

Kemba Walker $12,000,000


Bad Contracts:

Nicolas Batum $24,000,000

Marvin Williams $14,000,000

Biggest Need:

Forward Scoring

Key Free Agents:


Best Free Agent Target:

Devin Harris


This is a team in NBA purgatory. They are way over the salary cap, did not make the playoffs the last two years, and do not have a top ten pick. They fired their coach and GM this season, and talked about trading their best player that’s possibly their only good contract. This team needs to make serious moves one way or another if it wants to move the needle. The team has two options, try to blow it up or try to make the playoffs. I tend to take the side of trying to make the playoffs. They have good players on their roster. Walker, Batum and Howard are all solid vets and above average starters. They have enough depth and shooting to try to make a run at a lower seed, especially in the Eastern conference. They cannot think about spending big in free agency, as they are so far above the cap with bad contracts like Batum, Williams and maybe even Howard who is overpaid for what he does. If they could get a steady hand at the backup PG position to stop their offense from going off a cliff whenever Kemba sits down, they could have a chance. You could probably get Devin Harris with the Mid Level exception and not go too much farther into cap hell. If this team does decide to try to blow it up, it would have to make major room in salary cap space, which would be hard to do without giving up picks. Stay the course Hornets. Maybe you can make the playoffs this next year.


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