Brooklyn Nets Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $16,680,449

Good Contracts:

Spencer Dinwiddie $1,656,092

Caris Levert $1,702,800

Bad Contracts:

Timofey Mozgov $16,000,000

DeMarre Carroll $15,4000,000

Allen Crabbe $18,500,000

Biggest Need:

Forward Scoring

Key Free Agents:

Joe Harris

Best Free Agent Target:

Rodney Hood


This past season was the last year the Nets will have to spend in NBA purgatory. With their roster terrible, and no draft picks in the lottery, this franchise was in a bad position. But, they have hope now! Even with taking on bad contracts the last couple of years for draft picks and young prospects, they still have over 16 million in cap space this summer. They have found a diamond in the rough in Spencer Dinwiddie, and he is at least a solid starting point guard. They also have young big man Jarret Allen, so they have some pieces. Rondae Hollis Jefferson is a solid forward, but he is more of an energy guy than a go to scorer. So they still have some needs. They do not have anyone who can be a long term starter at the SG, SF, and PF positions. Russell is going into his fourth year and hasn’t shown he can be a solid starter at PG or SG yet. This is a big year for him, but they need a solid starter at the three. A Starting lineup of Dinwiddie, Russell, Rodney Hood, Hollis-Jefferson, and Allen could be a young solid core. Hood could be available for around 15 million per year and could be a good 2 way player to fit in their system. Other players could be Derrick Favors at the 4, and Marcus Smart to be a starting 2 if they want to go for defense. The biggest question for this team is whether they want to continue the taking and keep their cap space, or do they want to use it in some way? They have shown willingness to take bad contracts for picks, could they do it again? We will see soon in July what their plan is.


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