Memphis Grizzlies Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: –$5.4 Million

Good Contracts:

Jarell Martin- $2.4 Million until 2019

JaMychal Green- $7.6 Million until 2019

Bad Contracts:

Mike Conley- $97.5 Million until 2021

Chandler Parsons- $49.2 Million until 2020

Marc Gasol- $24.1 Million until 2019 with $25.5 Million Player Option in 2020

Biggest Need:

Scoring Wing

Key Free Agents:

Tyreke Evans

Best Free Agent Target:

Tyreke Evans


After being a playoff team for the last seven years, the Memphis Grizzlies finished as one of the worst teams in the NBA last season with a 22-60 record. The Grizzlies moved on from some of their key players in the 2017 offseason, allowing Zach Randolph and Tony Allen to walk and choosing to retool their roster. Unfortunately for Memphis, these moves torpedoed their season and the franchise is in a sticky spot. While the Grizzlies have some youth and potential on this team (the roster has an average age of 25.4), the team lacks a budding star in the works. When it comes to what Memphis will do in free agency, much like their roster situation there is not much the team can do. They are already over the salary cap with some of the terrible contracts they have and have almost no wiggle room in signing another player of merit. That combined with the less than desirable destination status of Memphis, it puts them in a rough situation. Fortunately for the Griz, however, the team is not losing many outstanding players this offseason. The only guy of note that has an expiring contract is Tyreke Evans. He had a great season for them in 2018, don’t get me wrong, but will not be a huge loss for the team if he decides to go elsewhere. If Memphis can bring him back, that will be just fine but even if they don’t the team should still be able to rebound. All in all, the Grizzlies are not in a great spot but are not totally hopeless. They will use their top four draft pick to get a solid prospect and will look to a future offseason when they have more funds available. Memphis will be a playoff team again soon, just not until 2020 at least.


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