Boston Celtics Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $-15,000,000

Good Contracts:

Kyrie Irving

All of their rookie scale contract guys

Bad Contracts:


Biggest Need:

Big Man Depth

Key Free Agents:

Greg Monroe, Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes

Best Free Agent Target:

Brook Lopez


The Boston Celtics made their biggest moves last summer, and have put themselves into a great position moving forward. They have solid guard and forward depth. A large portion of their team, including Tatum and Brown, are on their rookie contracts which allowed them to spend heavily on their top three players, Irving, Horford, and Hayward. One of their few contracts outside of the rookie deals is Marcus Morris and he is locked in at around 5 million for another season. A large question that looms over this franchise is whether to bring back Marcus Smart this offseason, and how much to pay him if they decide to do so. He is a restricted free agent, so they do have some leverage, but if another team offers him a contract larger than around 15 million, the Celtics will be in a tough predicament with him. He is a great glue guy and makes winning plays, but they are already over the cap with contract questions in a few years with the rookie scale guys. Kyrie is also do an extension and will make much more than he already is.

Another question they have is regarding their center rotations. Aron Baynes has been great for them this postseason, and allows Horford to play power forward for large portions. If they bring him back, he could only make a little more than what he does now, which is just over 4 million. He could possibly look for more money elsewhere. I think a good replacement for him could be Brook Lopez. He plays only center, but he can stretch the floor at that position as well. He can block shots and also play in the post. He has had his share of injuries, so playing him long minutes would be an issue that other teams could focus on. That would not be a problem for the Celtics.


Overall the Celtics are in a great cap situation, with few free agents and many good players locked in at good rates for years. They have questions about a few rotation players, but with Smart being restricted and having the Mid-Level exception, they’ll be fine.


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