Phoenix Suns Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space: $13,000,000

Good Contracts:

Devin Booker- $3.3 Million until 2019

Josh Jackson- $22 Million until 2021

Bad Contracts:

Brandon Knight- $30.2 Million until 2020

T.J. Warren- $47 million until 2022

Biggest Need:

Defense and Big Men

Key Free Agents:

Alex Len and Elfrid Payton

Best Free Agent Target:

Derrick Favors


The Phoenix Suns may have been the worst team in the NBA last season, but they have a bright future ahead. They have been a rebuilding franchise for the better half of this decade but they are on the way up. A key part of ascending back into Western Conference relevancy will be this upcoming offseason. Aside from the first overall pick that they landed in the Draft Lottery, they need to start landing key free agents that will propel their roster. One advantage that the Suns have over some of the other “tanking” level teams is that they are a half decent free agency destination. They have been able to get meetings with some high level players, such as Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap in recent years. While some circumstances have changed in that time, the Suns still have a lot to offer prospective free agents. They have an emerging star in Devin Booker and a promising prospect in Josh Jackson, plus they have a young coach in Igor Kokoskov. The only downside that Phoenix has this offseason compared to those in recent years is a lack of funds. While they do have around $13 million to play with, they don’t have the flexibility that they used to have, which could put them out of the race for some of the key free agents. The Suns still have enough space to add one more starting level player, especially at the center or power forward spot. Now, this is under the assumption that Phoenix selects Luka Doncic in the NBA Draft and use him as their new point guard. If the Suns take a big like DeAndre Ayton or Marvin Bagley, they will likely reinvest this space in a capable point guard. But, it may still be worthwhile for Phoenix to consider going after a defensive oriented big, seeing as the Suns finished near the bottom of the league in most defensive statistical categories in 2018. If they were able to move some of their existing salaries and could take a swing at Clint Capela or possibly DeAndre Jordan, that would be the optimal plan. But, if they are stuck with only a small amount of space, a short term deal for a guy like Derrick Favors would not be a bad plan either. In terms of their own free agents, look for Phoenix to bring back Elfrid Payton, who shined after being acquired at the trade deadline, and let Alex Len walk. All in all, the Suns have a lot of important decisions to make this summer in regards to getting this franchise back on track and should be expected to make some solid signings this offseason and become a darkhorse Western Conference team going into 2019.


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