Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Preview

Practical Max Cap Space – 29,000,000


Good Contracts –

Taurean Prince  2 Million

John Collins 2 Million


Bad Contracts –

Kent Bazemore 18 Million

Miles Plumlee – 12 Million


Biggest Need –

Efficient scoring


Key Free Agents –



Best Free Agent Target –

Will Barton



The Hawks are rebuilding, and that is no question. They have a top pick in the draft, lots of cap room, and a couple of good young players. There are a few different ways they could go moving forward. The first one is to use their cap space to take on some more bad salary to get first round picks or young players with upside. We have seen teams like the Brooklyn Nets do this in the past. This would allow them to stockpile assets for the future to take more shots in the draft, or use the picks as a trade package for a better player. The second way they could use their space is to try to sign young restricted free agents to larger contracts that their respective teams would not want to match. These players could be Aaron Gordon from the Magic or Jabari Parker with the Bucks. I do not see them trying to go after established stars this season, as I doubt the Chris Paul’s of the world would even meet with them. So, I could see them going after players just above the mid level exception level, and trying to get solid young players for around 10 million that could develop, or be used in a trade if they sign team friendly contracts.

That’s why I think they could use Will Barton. He fills a team need, could be signed for the right amount of money, and is still young enough to be part of a rebuild. The Hawks might have a couple of rough years ahead of them, but now is the time to start stockpiling assets. They have a couple of  bad contracts on the team, but that is not too much of an issue at this time. They have two players with Player Options, DeWayne Dedmon and Mike Muscala, but neither of them move the needle to much one way or another. Overall, this team has cap space and ways to improve the team if they choose, or they can get future assets. Either way they are in a good position moving forward.



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