Game one reactions and things to watch

With all the game 1’s out of the way, it’s time to take a look at each series and react to what we saw in all the games from the weekend. I also take a look at what the 3 key points of the series will be moving forward.


Spurs vs. Warriors 92-113

This game was tough to watch from the Spurs view, and they suffered the bad blowout. This game reaffirmed my thoughts that this would be a blowout. I honestly have 0 interest in watching the next game. A couple of key things to watch from this series.

  1. Can the Spurs score enough to make this a series? No spur scored over 15 points and their leading scorer was Rudy Gay.
  2. Who can guard KD? Danny Green just can’t get it done, and Oh God please keep Forbes away from him.
  3. Can the Warriors stay locked in? It looks like they flipped the switch, lets see if they can keep up the intensity.


Wizards vs. Raptors 106-114

The Wizards looked better than they did in the regular season, but the Raptors started to exorcise some of their demons by finally winning a game 1. People don’t believe in the Raps, but I don’t believe in the Wiz. This looked like i expected, and the Raptors can play better very easily.

  1. Can the Raptors bench keep it up? Their second leading scorer was Delon Wright, and they need contributions up and down their roster to go far this playoffs.
  2. Can John Wall be more efficient? He didn’t shoot well and shot his team out of the game. The Wiz need more from him.
  3. Can Otto Porter be better? Failing to score in double digits, the Wiz need more from him if they are going to pull an upset this series.


Heat vs. 76ers 103-130

The sixers blew the Heat out of the water with a convincing win in their first post-process playoff game. I had my worries about the Heat offense, and i was right. What surprised me was how well the Sixers offense played. What happens next?

  1. Can Whiteside stay on the court? The Sixer’s went small and fast and played him off the court. If Embiid comes back, that may actually help him.
  2. Can the shooters of Philly keep it up? Marco and JJ combine for over 50 points in game one, can they keep that up, and if not, can the Sixers find other scoring options?
  3. How will Miami guard Simmons? He had a few turnovers, but got into the paint at will and found the right man. The Heat have the right personal, but can they figure out how to slow the Sixers down?


Pelicans vs. Blazers 97-95

In Anthony Davis’s second career playoff game, the Pels get the win upsetting the Blazers at home. I have the Pels winning this series, and I love the way the Pels played. Im worried about this being an aberration from the way the Blazers played, and I could see this series flipping if Dame plays better.

  1. Will the Blazers keep missing shots? They got pretty good looks, but their two stars ust missed. The Pels will have to play better defense moving forward.
  2. Is playoff Rondo here to stay? He had 17 assists in the first game and looked locked in on D. He was feeding Davis the ball and looked good.
  3. Can Holiday be the second best player in this series? In game one, he outplayed both of the Blazers star guards and was excellent on D. He needs to keep that up to keep this momentum moving for the Pels.


Bucks vs. Celtics 107-113

A close game, and I expected that. I did not expect Middleton to hit a half court heave to force it to overtime. I could see this being a hard fought season series.

  1. Will Giannis play more center? He played there a little at the end with Snell being their fifth player on the court. They should probably go to this more.
  2. Can Horford keep getting to the line? The Celtics offense ran through him and he got double digit foul shots. He’s going to have to do alot for the Celtic’s offense this series.
  3. Can Parker give the Bucks anything? He gave effort on the boards, but he is just awful on defense. Playing less than twenty minutes in the first game, if he can play better, he could swing this series.


Pacers vs. Cavaliers 98-80

Well, I am already wrong on my prediction for the Cavs to sweep. The Pacers played hard on every possesion and showed no fear. Oladipo showed that no one on the Cavs can stop him, and the Cavs have major issues moving forward.

  1. Will the Cavs step up their D? They were outplayed on both sides and showed little effort this first game. They need to do more.
  2. Can the Pacers lockdown the Cavs again? 80 points was a season low for the Cavs and could be a one time thing. Lets see if they can do it again.
  3. Can the Pacers hit open threes? They got them game one and shot ok, if the Cavs offense picks up, they are going to have to score from three even more.


Jazz vs. Thunder 108-116

The Thunder had the two best players on the court, but Donovan Mitchell looked ready for the playoffs. This was a competitive game, but the Thunder beat the Jazz on both sides of the ball.

  1. Is this the P.G. we are going to get all playoffs? George came out ready to kill, and if he can play at this level the whole series that Jazz have no chance.
  2. Will Rubio continue shooting as much? He had 18 shots in the first game, and that is not a good sign for the Jazz offense. He needs to spread the ball around and get people involved.
  3. Can Favors give the Jazz anything? He was negative 14 in 15 minutes. If the Thunder are going to kill him when he is at the 4, Utah is going to have some trouble moving forward.


Timberwolves vs. Rockets 101-104

This was a great game, and it caught me off guard. I expected to be able to turn it off at halftime with a blowout on the way but that was not the case. Capella played great in the first half, and Towns struggled all game.

  1. Is this playoff Drose? He had 16 points off the bench. The Timberwolves were still outscored when he was on the floor, but if he plays that well every game, Houston could be in trouble in those minutes moving forward.
  2. Can Towns get more shots? The Houston switching is giving him trouble and he cannot get open looks. If he cannot force the ball inside, he won’t be a factor this series.
  3. Can Jimmy Butler play through the pain? His wrist was hurting him in game one, and if he struggles, this is over for the young Wolves.



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