NBA Redraft 2014

  1. Cleveland – Joel Embiid (Andrew Wiggins)

Get a franchise perennial all star to pair with Kyrie. The question with this pick would be, do they trade it to Minnesota for Love like they did before with Lebron coming back? Embiid didn’t play his first couple of years, which would have been the time that Cleveland was winning championships. Joel jumps up a couple spots even with his injury issues.


  1. Milwaukee – Nikola Jokic (Jabari Parker)

Two unicorns on one team? Sign me up. Jokic could stretch the floor and run the offense from the high post, allowing Giannis to cut to the basket. A pick and roll with Giannis with the ball and Jokic screening sounds terrifying. Jokic goes from a second round darling to the second pick overall.


  1.  Philadelphia – Aaron Gordon (Joel Embiid)

Not as good as Embiid, but solid starer. Gordon still has questions about his game, like will his shooting continue to improve and what happens as he ages, but no one else here is worth taking. He moves up a pick.


  1. Orlando – Spencer Dinwiddie (Aaron Gordon)

I think that with Oladipo at the two, the Magic could really use a point guard who can space the floor and run and transition. There are a couple of solid players here, but none really fit the bill of being the all star that Orlando needs. He jumps from the second round.


  1. Utah – Jabari Parker (Dante Exum)

Can Parker stay healthy? If he can, he gives the Jazz exactly what they need. He can space the floor better than Favors, and can be a dominant scorer in the future. He falls a few spots.


  1. Boston – Gary Harris (Marcus Smart)

Boston gets a guy who can play solid defense, and also shoots the three ball very well. This is an upgrade over Smart, and he comes with a lot less headaches off the court. Harris jumps into the lotto from the back end.


  1. LAL – Clint Capela (Julius Randle)

Having a lockdown defensive switchy center on your roster is never a bad thing. He fits most systems better than Randle, and has improved every year so far. He jumps from the end of the first to the lottery as well.


  1. Sacramento – Andrew Wiggins (Nik Stauskas)

To be honest, most players in this draft would be a better pick than Stauskas. But Wiggins has the potential to be a volume scorer, and still has defensive upside. He has been disappointing, but still worthy of a top ten pick. He falls seven spots.


  1. Charlotte – Dario Saric  (Noah Vonleh)

Charlotte gets the kind of player that they were actually hoping for at this pick. A floor spacing big who is an excellent passer. He won’t be a star, but he fits in well next to Kemba. He goes a couple picks higher here.


  1. Philadelphia – Rodney Hood (Elfrid Payton)

After getting Aaron Gordon a few picks earlier, they go with a wing scorer with upside. He fits in well with Gordon, and they could really open up the floor with spacing. He has injury issues, but could be a number 2 option on offense. He goes a few picks higher here.


  1. Denver – Zach Lavine(Doug McDermott)

Without getting Harris or Jokic here, the rebuild in Denver is in trouble. I have them taking Lavine here for his athletic upside which fits well into Denver, and his scoring potential which they would need. He goes two picks higher here.


  1. Orlando – Julius Randle (Dario Saric)

With having Oladipo, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Randle, this sets their core for the future. Randle can play both big positions, and can be a third option on offense. He falls several spots here.


  1. Minnesota – Marcus Smart (Zach Lavine)

Again, the trade with Cleveland determines a lot here. With Kevin Love still in the fold, Smart makes sense since he can play both the one and the two and provides a great defensive presence next to Ricky Rubio. He falls 8 spots.


  1. Phoenix –  Jusuf Nurkic (T.J. Warren)

A big man who can start at Center every game is not a bad pick at 14. He can’t space the floor, and his defense can be questionable, but for a team lacking talent he could be a perfect fit. He goes two picks higher in this redraft.


Other players who would go in the middle of the first round –


Jordan Clarkson

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Kyle Anderson

Jerami Grant

T.J. Warren

Shabazz Napier

Tyler Johnson

Elfrid Payton



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