Mock Draft 3.0


As the tournament ends and the Tankathon begins to be solidified, its time for another shot at the mock draft.


  1. Phoenix – Deandre Ayton

An early tournament exit is not going to hurt the big man from Arizona’s chances in the slightest. A dominant force inside, and the defensive upside are all there. He will be a perfect fit for a Sun’s team that needs talent and hills a huge hole for them, with having Booker and Jackson on the wings.

  1. Atlanta – Luka Doncic

The overseas player is still second in my mock, even with the rise of other players in the NCAA. The playmaking is spectacular and the ball handling is advanced. He isn’t the best athlete or shooter, but since he is young and playing overseas there is no reason that won’t improve.

  1. Memphis – Marvin Bagley

The top prospect from Duke has already declared, and seems to be a lock for a top five pick. He has some questions about his outside shooting and defense, which makes him a perfect fit for next to Gasol. He can dominate on the inside, and take the easier defensive assignment.

  1. Orlando – Trae Young

The Magic need a PG, and that’s what this comes down too. After moving on from Elfrid Payton at the trade deadline, the Magic set themselves up for reaching for the top PG prospect in the draft. He can shoot from deep and has a high playmaking floor, which makes him a perfect fit for this ragtag squad.

  1. Dallas – Jaren Jackson

I would say this is too low for Jackson to go, as I have him ranked second in this draft, but I believe on draft night he will fall to five. He is an excellent defensive player, being able to switch onto smaller players on the perimeter and block shots at the rim. If the outside shooting proves consistent, he could be a force.

  1. Sacramento – Michael Porter

Even with the back injury and poor play this season, I think Porter will not slip past 6, as his upside is too high. At his best, he can be a lights out scorer with defensive upside. At his worst, he can be an inefficient black hole on offense and get blown by on defense.

  1. Cleveland – Mikal Bridges

An older three and D wing player, he fits nicely on this roster whether Lebron stays or goes. If Lebron stays, he can be an important player off the bench playing defense and hitting open shots. If Lebron leaves, he can slide into the starting role immediately and help the Cavs try to stay competitive.

  1. Chicago- Wendell Carter

I think Carter has played his way into the top ten this season, and for several reasons. His outside shooting has proved better to be expected, and his defense has been great. He can switch onto smaller players, but is strong enough to guard the bigger centers. His basketball I.Q. is great, and that bodes well for a long term prospect.

  1. New York – Mo Bamba

Centers who can’t shoot seem to fall on draft day now, and Bamba is one of them. He is very raw on the offensive end, but the big man has great defensive upside. Pairing him with Porzingis could make a dynamic shot blocking defense, and the lob threat on pick and rolls is there. The big question with him is whether the outside shooting will ever come around.

  1. Philadelphia – Miles Bridges

Philly could really use a center here, but with none around this area of the draft I think they go with best player available, and I think that is Bridges. The Michigan State product can hit outside shots, and can roll to the rim for some awesome dunks. You can never have too many three and d guys, and getting one at ten with the upside for more is a great pick.

  1. Charlotte – Kevin Knox

Knox is playing outside his position at Kentucky, spending a lot of time as the three. I think he can slide in as the starting four here for Charlotte, as they need some shooting and athleticism at this position, which I think he might be able to provide.

  1. LAC – Collin Sexton

I personally think Sexton should be higher than this, based on his time at Alabama, but his weaknesses will keep him from going any higher. He needs to improve his jumper and improve his playmaking to be effective at the higher level, but the upside is there.

  1. Denver – Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

My second guy from Kentucky on this list, I think the PG has great size and decent skill for the position. I could see him being a switchy guy who makes the right play and doesn’t hurt a team, as long as he can get his outside shot to be better.

  1. LAC – Robert Williams

I love taking high upside centers in the late lottery, and Williams fits that mold. If he can slide into a backup center position right away and provide rim running and shot blocking, that’s great value, and I think he can do that. If he can learn how to switch onto smaller guys, and he has the athleticism to do so, he could be very effective.



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