2013 NBA Redraft


Hello and welcome to the second part of our ongoing series, NBA redraft. This is the piece that goes along with our draft podcast and outlines how the NBA would draft in 2013 with all the knowledge they have now. So let’s get started!


  1. Cleveland – Giannis Antetokounmpo (Anthony Bennett)

Replacing one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history with the Greek Freak helps the Cleveland rebuild tremendously. Having a ball handling 4 that can guard all five positions and is a monster athlete, you can’t go wrong with this guy. Now several years into the league, the only thing that’s stopping him from being the best player in the world is a constituent three point shot. He goes from fifteen to number one.


  1. Orlando – Victor Oladipo (Same)

This time around, instead of trading the All Star and probably most improved player, Orlando will keep him and not trade him for Serge Ibaka. Stays and number two.


  1. Washington – Rudy Gobert (Otto Porter)

The Wiz get the best defensive player in the NBA to play with their two great guards. Wall running a pick and roll and Beal coming off the giant’s screens will improve both their offense and defense. He jumps up twenty five spots after going in the late twenties originally.


  1. Charlotte – C.J. McCollum (Cody Zeller)

Zeller is a decent piece for them, but getting C.J. to play next to Kemba creates a backcourt that will make the playoffs every year, sort of what Portland is now in the West. He goes six picks higher in this redraft.


  1. Phoenix  – Otto Porter (Alex Len)

The Suns get a solid all around starter at the three who can play small ball four. Yeah he gets overpaid, but he is a great third option on a team and can fill the holes on a lot of rosters. He falls two picks down.


  1. New Orleans – Steven Adams (Nerlens Noel)

If the Pelicans keep Adams, they create a big man combo that can play together well. Jrue Holiday is a great player though, and after several years, the trade for him makes way more sense than any player that is available at this spot. But Adams would do well in Philly and be a good backup to Embiid in the future.  He goes six spots early here.


  1. Sacramento – Dennis Schroder (Ben McLemore)

Getting a solid point guard here would change the whole Cousins saga that happened over the course of the next several years. Having a pg to play pick and roll with Cousins and putting pressure would have helped a team that just need more talent. DS is no great star, but a solid starter at the position. He jumps up a few spots after going in the middle of the draft.


  1. Detroit – Robert Covington (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope)

The Pistons get their 3 and d player here that they hoped KCP was going to turn into, but the shot never came around for him. Covington is an excellent defender and can play small ball four next to Drummond in certain situations. Solid pick at 8. Much higher spot for him after going undrafted.


  1. Minnesota –  Andre Robertson (Trey Burke)

They had the right idea all along! Robertson was actually on the TImberwolves for a short time being taken at 26 before trading him for a second round pick and cash. He is arguably the best wing defender in the NBA and has a decent contract. Great player for any team trying to win games.


  1. Portland – Tony Snell (C.J. McCollum)

A 3 and d wing is always nice to have, and the Trail Blazers get theirs at 10. Not nearly as good as their original pick, but not a bad consolation prize. Snell jumps up 10 spots from 20.


  1. Philadelphia – Tim Hardaway (Michael Carter-Williams)

Well, they don’t get the rookie of the year this time, but that is probably a good thing since he is now barely in the league. Instead, they get a deep threat shooter who is still growing as a player. Hardaway goes from 24 to 11 this time around.


  1. Oklahoma – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Steven Adams)

They miss out on their starting center, but KCP is not a bad player. His shooting still isn’t there, but he is a great defensive player and is beginning to be able to make plays off the dribble. He can guard the opposite team’s best perimeter player while allowing Westbrook to rest, filling the Robertson role that they will also not get.


  1. Dallas – Kelly Olynyk (Same)

Dallas does a great job drafting here. They get the best player on the board and a great fit next to Dirk with both of them being able to spread the floor. However he was traded on draft day for two second rounders. Not the best move.


  1. Utah – Reggie Bullock (Shabazz Muhammad)

They were looking for a scoring wing, and they get a real 3 and d one here. You can never have enough of these guys. The real gem was them getting Gobert late in this draft though. So they lose out on one of the best players from this year but get a good consolation prize late.


Other players that would go in the first round

Dewayne Dedmon

Matthew Dellavedova

The other (Seth) Curry Brother

Allen Crabbe

James Ennis

Mason Plumlee

Solomon Hill

Gorgui Dieng


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