2012 NBA Lottery Redraft

Welcome to the first of our series of NBA redrafts! This is where we use revisionist history to say what teams should have done, using the knowledge we have now. This also thinks about the players that the teams had at the time and what their goals were. So here we go!
Players in parentheses() are the real life picks.

New Orleans Pelicans – Anthony Davis. (Same)
This team got it right. The best player in the draft, and a generational talent

2. Charlotte Hornets – Bradley Beal. (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)
This basically turns the Hornets into the new Wizards. Which is much better than they are now Beal gives them the shooting they desperately need and the help that Kemba could use to become a top PG in the league.

3. Washington Wizards – Andre Drummond (Bradley Beal)
The Wizards get a player that perfectly fits next to John Wall and gives them a pick and roll combination for the next decade, without the overlapping of playmaking that they have with Beal now. Drummond goes up six spots here, and being one of the several all starts from this draft who go in the top five.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Draymond green (Dion Waiters)
With Kyrie at PG and Thompson at center, they needed another key guy. Draymond could be that guy, and set them up to be able to switch everything. And with Lebron eventually returning, we could see a Lebron and Draymond team. Which is fantastic. Draymond jumps a whole round here, and helps create a dominant Cleveland dynasty.

5. Sacramento Kings – Damian Lillard (Thomas Robinson)
Dame still falls a little in this draft with most of the top teams already having point guards, but with having Dame and Cousins together, this team could be a dominate dynasty out West. Dame jumps up a spot here, and it changes the whole league most likely.

6. Portland Trail Blazers – Harrison Barnes (Damian Lillard)
Portland loses their franchise player, but gets a solid starter and foundation piece with the sixth pick. He can play next to Aldridge and in small ball lineups, you could move them both to the frontcourt and stretch the floor well. In this, Barnes goes one pick earlier.

7. Golden State Warriors – Jae Crowder (Harrison Barnes)
In this alternate future, the Warriors dynasty never begins, because Draymond does not fall into the second round. But with Steph and Klay at the guard positions, they need a defensive versatile forward and Crowder fits that. He goes from a second rounder to a lottery pick.

8. Toronto Raptors – Khris Middleton (Terrence Ross)
The Raptors get the three and d wing they really need, and a great third option scorer. Basically just a better version of Ross. The question is, do they keep Middleton on not trade him for Ibaka like they have done with Ross in real life? He was selected in the Second round by the Pistons, so he moves up thirty spots.

9. Detroit Pistons – Evan Fournier (Andre Drummond)
Instead of drafting a second center to play along with Greg Monroe, the Pistons miss on their all star and draft a solid 2 guard who can shoot and play next to Jennings, Josh Smith and Monroe. He rises from the middle of the first round.

10. New Orleans Pelicans – Will Barton (Austin Rivers)
The Pels actually get the sixth man scoring guard they have need since drafting Davis, and allows them to move away from Gordon and Tyreke earlier. He jumps up from late second round.

11. Portland Trail Blazers – Tomas Satoransky (Meyers Leonard)
The Blazers get a solid playmaker who can run an offense. Not a bad option at 11. He goes almost a full round earlier, from being 32.

12. Houston Rockets – John Henson (Jeremy Lamb)
The Rockets get a bouncy big man who can play some defense. Great backup center and can switch on the pick and roll and finish lobs. He jumps up two spots here.

13. Phoenix Suns – Moe Harkless (Kendall Marshall)
The Suns get a jump start on their rebuild and get a solid three and d wing who can slide down to the four. You can never have enough of those guys. He goes a little higher in this draft from 15 previously.

14. Milwaukee Bucks – Jonathon Simmons (John Henson)
Getting a three and d wing to play next to the Greek Freak? Not bad at 14! Simmons was found undrafted by the Spurs so he moves up pretty high considering that.

15. Philadelphia 76’s – JaMychal Green (Moe Harkless)
Phily takes a stretch four here and gets a piece of the puzzle they will need in the future when the tanking starts.

Other notable players that would go in the next few picks –
Kent Bazemore
Kyle O’Quin
Miles Plumlee
Tyler Zeller
Jeremy Lamb
Austin Rivers
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Dion Waiters


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