Mock Draft 2.0

Nba mock draft 2.0

1. Kings

Deandre Ayton – Arizona: His questions on defense are still unsolved. But that doesn’t  seem to matter when he is this good on offense. He can score on post ups and away from the rim. He is athletic enough to get out and run in transition, and is shooting great percentages. Fills the whole left by Cousins and a pick and roll with him and Fox for the next decade sounds pretty fun.

2. Magic

Trae young – Oklahoma: Where did this kid come from? A month ago he wasn’t even in the conversation and now he is looking like the best player in college basketball. He is leading the nation in both scoring and assists and people are saying he’s the next Curry. Maybe?? The Magic can finally move on from Payton and his awful hair and get a pg that can space the floor.

3. Hawks

Marvin Bagley – Duke: The Hawks need someone to build around and I think the best fit for the roster is Bagley. He is all around and doesn’t need the ball to effect games. He can rebound, and put the ball on the floor. A great option for them to start the rebuild.

4. Dallas

Luka Doncic – Slovenia: I think Doncic slides to the fourth pick for a couple of reasons. People are worried about his athleticism, and which position he is going to be able to guard. But I think his talent is too good for him to fall past here. Considered the best Euro prospect ever, he would fill a void here left by the best Euro NBA player ever in Dirk.

5. Celtics

Mo bamba – Texas: I still like Mo Bamba to the Celtics. It seems like too much of a perfect fit not to happen. The Lakers suck, and I think that Bamba fits the roster too well to not go here, even with his issues on offense. In Brad we trust.

6. Bulls

Michael porter – Missouri: I think Porter slides out of the top 5 after his injury. He would be a great fit next to Lauri, and the Bulls are in no hurry to be good, so they could bring him around slowly if they wanted to.

7. Suns

Collin Sexton – Alabama: I think the Suns could go a couple different ways here, but I think with Chriss and Bender on the roster already the go with the need for a pg and grab Sexton. He fits in well with what they are doing, and I think this is a match made in heaven.

8. Cavaliers

Miles bridges – Michigan State: I think that Jackson is the better player, but Bridges fills the need more. Whether Lebron stays or goes, you can never have enough springy 2 way wing players. Can start if Lebron leaves, or be a better version of any of their washed up wings they have now. Young legs are just what this team needs.

9. Grizzlies

Jaren jackson – Michigan State: Adding a young athletic stretch four next to Gasol? Sign me up please. I’m assuming the Grizz pick it up a little this second half and go into full tank mode.

10. Knicks

Mikal bridges – Villanova: He gives them just what they need. A 3 and D wing on the outside to pair with Zinger and Frank. He slides right in as the starting three and the Knicks continue their up swing.

11. Hornets

Kevin Knox – Kentucky: Knox reminds me of the Booker problem as in he doesn’t get to do what he does best, and he could use the ball more.  If he goes to Charlotte he can slide in right next to Dwight and be a high energy guy who rebounds and can space the floor a bit right away. Good pickup later in the lottery.

12. Pistons

Robert Williams – Texas A&M: The Pistons have a whole in their roster behind Drummond and could use a big man to play defense, grab rebounds and be a rim roller. Williams is that guy.

13. Jazz

Wendell Carter -Duke : Carter looks polished in the post and has shown flashes of being able to make plays out of the low block and hit the midrange jumper. He can score the ball if given the opportunity and he’ll get that with the jazz.

14. Sixers

Troy Brown – Oregon: A big versatile guard who can play multiple positions. He needs to improve his jumper going into the pros but his playmaking looks ready.

15. Nuggets

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Kentucky: He can’t shoot and he isn’t the best athlete, but he has the potential to be a great defender and a capable playmaker.


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