Top 15 power rankings

Nba power rankings going into the new year
1. Golden State Warriors
Best team in the leauge winning games without their best player. Carry on.
2. Houston Rockets
Slumping a bit and cp3 is hurt, but probably the only team in the west that can beat the warriors in a series.
3. Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron continuing to dominate into his 30’s with no signs of slowing down. I.t. coming back soon, watch out eastern conference.
4. Toronto Raptors
Tops in the standings on Christmas? What more can you ask for from a veteran team trying to reinvent themselves.
5. Boston Celtics
Slowing down after their hot start, the c’s need to get through this brutal part of their schedule healthy and keep their defense together.
6. San Antonio Spurs
Kawhi is still getting into form but the spurs are still rolling. Aldridge looking like an all star.
7. OKC thunder
No need to worry folks! The thunder got it together and look like the top team people thought they were gonna be before the season started.
8. Minnesota Timberwolves
Its amazing what can happen when you have a positive rating in 4th quarters. If only KAT and Wiggins could play any defense.
9. Detroit Pistons
RJ is going to be out a couple weeks, the Pistons are going to need alot of scoring help if they are to stay in the top of the east.
10. Milwaukee Bucks
Imagine a world where the Bucks had a coach thats not Jason Kidd. They could actually be a great team! Alas they are middling and are waiting on Parker.
11. Washington Wizards
Wall is back, but they still dont have a bench. Can Beal go to the next level?
12. Indiana Pacers
The suprise of the season, Dipo is killing it and it looks like the Pacers won the Pg13 trade.
13. Denver Nuggets
Jokic is carrying the team without Milsap, but man do they need a pg. A George Hill trade here makes alot of sense.
14. Portland Trailblazers
Dame and Cj balling out. Their D has improved this year, but they are still short an all star from championship contention.
15. Philadelphia 76’ers
Can Embiid stay healthy? He is having back problems and if he cannot get right soon, the Sixers might be on the outside looking in for the playoffs.


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