Lightning round!

Lightning questions- writers chime in with answers to questions around the NBA with special guest Mike.

Is it time to worry about the thunder?
Rob- not yet. On a winning streak and they seem to be picking it up. Give it another month and they’ll be 4th in the west
Bando- Blow it it up, trade PG to the warriors for a second and start over

Here’s a good one, build a team with 2 guys on rookie contracts, two all stars, and one non all star but is not on a rookie deal.

Rob- See if you can beat mine, mike conley, harden, LBJ porzingod, and KAT

Chadd – Ben Simmons, KAT, Giannis, Paul, Avery Bradley

Bando- Anthony Davis, James harden, Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, Ryan Anderson
Wait swap Anderson for a healthy Pat Beverly
Also I tried my team in 2k and I change my mind, I want Harden, DBook, Ingram, Simmons and Davis

Mike- Embiid, Tatum, harden, AD, Iggy

Whats your order of preference for most important for a team? Passing, shooting, defense, rebounding, or athleticism

Chadd- Defense, rebounding, athleticism, shooting, passing. Defense wins championships

Bando- My first instinct was passing, but then Lavar ball popped in my head and said “you can’t pass the ball into the hoop, you gotta shoot!”

Which star is most likely to be traded by the deadline? Ad, boogie, pg13, melo, dj, or gasol?

Mike- DJ for sure, hopefully cousins is a close second for AD’s sake

Bando- Gasol or DJ, both team have nothing to play for and should flip them for something

Chadd- I’m going with DJ and Gasol it’s to early for pelicans and thunder to push the panic button and make tradss. can I give you a hot take tho instead to make the article more compelling THE THUNDER ARE FAILING MELO NEEDS TO BE BENCHED OR MOVED HE JUST CAN’T BE THE OPTION THE THUNDER NEED HIM TO BE BECAUSE HE IS TOO OLD AND TOO MUCH OF A BALL HOG.


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