Mock Draft 1.0


Early season mock drafts are a crapshoot, and to be honest, mostly just a bunch of bullshit. However, the best part about them, is when the draft is and you happened to get prediction right at the end of the lottery, you can jump on twitter and call yourself a genius. At least that’s all I care about. So here is mock draft 1.0. This will be the first rendition of a monthly mock draft that will reflect not only these players performances, but how the NBA standings are shaping up, and where around I think each team will finish. So here we go

  1. Chicago:

Marvin Bagley(Duke) – So we all hate Duke. That’s not debatable. The number one pick is though. I have the Bulls as the worst team in the NBA next season, because even though Zach Lavine is an athletic marvel, at this point he is still missing an ACL. Dunn and a certain tall human from Finland don’t make a team that great, and they pick a player here that pairs well next to Lauri Markkanen. Athletic and can jump out of the gym, Bagley projects being able to guard both 4’s and 5’s, and can switch onto smaller players with his quickness.

  1. Dallas:

DeAndre Ayton(Arizona) – Man if only this guy could stop anyone from scoring, he would be my number 1 guy. But on the defensive side, he looks more out of place than a clown at a funeral. Great size and mobility, he has all the tools, but just so raw. On the offensive side however, he has it all. Post moves, dribble moves, outside shooting, rim running, he can be a 20 ppg guy right away. Him and Dennis Smith J.r. pick and rolls will give opponents nightmares for the next decade.

  1. Phoenix:

Mohamed Bamba(Texas) Finally the Suns get a big man who doesn’t look like my grandpa playing center(Sorry Tyson chandler) and they can move on from the waste of space that is Alex len. He gives them a rim protector and rim runner with size, and hopefully they can start being passable on defense.

  1. Atlanta:

Luka Doncic(Slovenia) So the Hawks are bad, make no mistake about it. I challenge you to name a player other than, you know what? Nevermind. Their coach is good though, and they play hard, so I have them finishing just outside the bottom three. They take the next foreign guy with tons of potential and hope it works out.

  1. Sacramento:

Michael Porter(Missouri) With the Sixers actually being decent this year, someone else is going to have to take the hurt guy. So I say the trainwreck of an organization the Kings do! Porter can ball, and if he wasn’t hurt, he would be going higher.

  1. L.A.C.

Collin Sexton(Alabama) With Roy Moore losing, and Collin Sexton playing well, it’s a good week for the folks down in Alabama. Score first p.g., and quick as hell, he slides into the position that was vacated by cp3.

  1. Philadelphia:

Jaren Jackson(Michigan State) Trust the process! Oh wait that dude got fired. Uhh, well, better take the almost 7 footer who can shoot and play both sides. Not a bad deal for a pick that isn’t even theirs. Thanks Lakers!

  1. Cleveland:

Kevin Knox(Kentucky) Brooklyn really could have used this guy. But Cleveland might need him worse if Bron decides to walk away. They get some insurance with Kevin Knox, and athletic forward who can play both spots and can turn into something special.

  1. Charlotte:

Mikal Bridges(Villanova) The battle of the Bridges begins! Charlotte finally gets a 3 who can shoot and can bench the offensive disaster that MGK has turned out to be.

  1. Orlando:

Miles Bridges(Michigan State) Thebasketbloggers darling goes down to Florida to play with a bunch of other guys who can play the three and the 4, You can never have too many of those, and Orlando continues the rebuild with another one.

  1. Memphis:

Wendell Carter(Duke, again) Poor Memphis. I feel like the end up where you do not want to be, the end of the lottery with aging all stars. But they get the spiritual successful of old man ZBO’s game, and he slides in to grit and grind. If they trade Gasol, this might change.

  1. New York:

Brandon McCoy( UNLV) They get their big man to play next to Porzingod. Knicks playing well right now, but eventually I think they are going to sink, and get a pretty good 2way prospect in return.

  1. Phoenix:

Trevon Duval(Duke, one more time) They get the final piece of the puzzle, a pg who cant shoot.

  1. New Orleans:

Lonnie Walker(Miami) Pelicans need wings, and this guy fits the build. Does Boogie stay is a much bigger question

  1. Utah:

Robert Williams(Texas A&M) Clint Capela light, they got another big man who can roll to the rim. Maybe not the best fit, but the best player available, and can contribute right away on a team trying to be good.



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